Album Launch

Dated on 10th December 2016 Disabled Service Association Launched song album with 8 songs sung by the visually impaired children.The main vocalist is Mr.Keshab Badi and supporting artists are Mr.Yewon Sinjali Magar,Mr.Suman Tamang,Mr.Bimal Purkute. The album launching ceremony function was conducted with the chief guest presence of senior artists Mr.Madan Krishna Shrestha and Mr.Hari Bansha Acharya and BBC Nepali media chief editor Mr.Radindra Mishra.The event happened in YalaMaya Kendra Patan with the presence of officials from …

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Daily Activities overview

As education being an integral part of life children attend school for six days a week.Children attend school to pursue knowledge and learn new things. Visually impaired students learn through hearing,interacting and read & write using braille.While Deaf students learn interacting through sign language. Initially beginners are taught in resource classroom then after they are upgraded/integrated to respective grades with other students in the school.Yes,They do follow the same text books as other students study.The only difference …

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